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8 Selection Criteria for Finding Education Toy Manufacturers

Finding the right education toy manufacturer for your business can be quite a challenge. In your procurement process, you will meet various suppliers through different procurement channels. Some education toy suppliers make you happy; some make you annoying.

Here are the eight selection criteria for finding a good toy suppliers:


Good product

A good product must meet the needs of consumers very well, and the quality must be excellent. As you know, good products speak for themselves and will help you improve sales performance and word-of-mouth publicity. Like Kiwico, Mel Science, etc. They focus on the development of the ultimate educational toys, and have won the recognition of customers and brand communication.

Excellent toy suppliers must be deeply involved in their own fields and are very familiar with the market and products. If the product is not perfect, you can put forward your valuable suggestions, and excellent suppliers will be happy to refer to your requirements and make improvements.

It is not easy to find a good supplier. Don’t give up cooperation opportunities because of a single factor. Sometimes, a good product is the result of continuous communication and running-in between you and the supplier.


Reasonable price

The definition of a reasonable price is a relatively fair price. Don’t chase the lowest price; too low a price means poor quality. It also cannot be too expensive. After all, doing business must consider your profit. for the same quality, if the supplier can provide the best price, then he is a supplier worthy of long-term cooperation.

We have interviewed many customers on product quality and price issues. The lowest price product risk rate is about 18% higher than the normal price product. When a risk occurs, the risk cost we pay is not only the price cost, but also the communication cost, transportation cost, and after-sales cost, time cost, inventory cost, word-of-mouth cost, etc. These hidden risks actually belong to the cost of the lowest price too. So the cost of the lowest-price product is not the lowest.


High working efficiency

High efficiency is reflected in two aspects:

a. Accurate and detailed quotation

The quotation clearly indicates what packaging the price is based on, what requirements it is based on, and the MOQ, what trade terms, production period, etc.

It provides complete materials, dimensions, specifications, certificates and other information, which is of reference significance for you.

b.Quick reply

As a large buyer, when to confirm the quotation, when to confirm the samples, and how often to place an order, these are all carried out in accordance with the planning process. If the supplier cannot respond to you quickly and accurately, it will waste your time.
When you have any questions, the salesperson should respond to emails and phone calls very quickly. Even if he is not in the office when you call, his colleague tells him you contact him half an hour later, he should reply to you immediately.
The above two efficient working methods will make your purchase easy.


Guaranteed delivery time

Some toy suppliers promise you to ship within one month, but you waited three months without shipping.

You have ordered a batch of Christmas toys and need to receive them before Christmas. But because of production errors, reworked from scratch. As a result, Christmas has passed and the goods have not been received yet. You may suffer huge losses. Do you feel outraged?

Therefore, choose a toy supplier with a guaranteed delivery time. How to confirm whether the delivery date is on time? There is no standard answer to this question. We have two suggestions:

a. Sometimes there are too many production orders, and the delivery time will be longer. It is best to make a purchase plan and place an order in advance.

b. For new suppliers, you can place a small trial order first. In this cooperation, it can be seen whether the supplier has a sense of responsibility. I believe that a responsible partner will not delay your order for no reason.

c. Fully consider the various risks that may occur in production and transportation and reserve sufficient time to deal with the occurrence of delay risks.


Good service level

Excellent toy suppliers also have perfect service processes and service awareness. And can help you fully consider various issues, so that you can be more at ease.

Order communication: The supplier always pays attention to the details of the communication, and will repeatedly confirm your needs with you to avoid unnecessary trouble in the later stage. When necessary, the supplier can provide you with professional advice.

Order processing: The supplier always pays attention to the details of the order, such as whether the size and position of the logo are correct, whether the product is accurate, whether the instruction manual is made according to the customer’s requirements, and quickly.

After-sales service: When after-sales service is needed, the seller will actively face and deal with the problem, rather than evade responsibility.



Have you ever encountered the following situations
He quoted the wrong price, but he was afraid to tell the customer that he would wait until the last resort, which would waste the customer’s time.
The goods are produced and ready to be shipped. However, during the inspection process, it is found that there are problems with the logo, and some manufacturers will look for various reasons to shirk responsibility instead of actively solving these problems.
Responsible sellers can actively solve problems instead of repeatedly shirking their responsibilities and making unnecessary explanations. Responsible suppliers are worthy of long-term partners.


Excellent communication

Sellers with strong communication skills generally have the following characteristics:

a. English email writing is fluent, and spoken is not bad. This is the most basic necessary skill.

b. Take the initiative to put forward suggestions and plans; only let you do multiple-choice or answer judgment questions, which means they try to reduce your workload.

c. Strong understanding, the seller can understand what you mean quickly. If you are not on the same channel, he does not know what you say, and you do not know what he says. In this case, how can you continue to communicate?



An honest seller should be a seller who does not lie and considers the buyer.
Honest sellers should also keep their promises. If you only send samples to one supplier, please ask him to estimate the price and ask the supplier to sign a non-disclosure agreement. If he does not keep his promise and leaks product information to others, such a seller is not an honest seller.

The above are the 8 criteria for choosing a good toy supplier. These standards can help you find the right toy supplier. Have you ever encountered annoying toy suppliers? Welcome to tell your story in the comment area.

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