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8+ business tips when SOURCING SCIENCE TOYS from China suppliers

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Sourcing science toys tips

Science toys like STEM education and STEM activities is engages students and equips them with critical thinking, problem-solving, creative, and collaborative skills. STEM Kits are not only educational toys,but also being excellent teaching resources. It is widely used in learning centers, home science, etc.

In this article, I will share some import business tips based on our ten-year experience. These tips will definitely make sourcing easy for you. And you’ll be able to go without making any mistakes.


Next we will read the following 

  1. Where to buy science toys wholesales
  2. How to verify supplier?
  3. Ask for their catalog
  4. Check Price – to match the quality
  5. Communicate all the details clearly
  6. How do you choose shipping method for science toys?
  7. Can you buy Copyright items or Not?
  8. Sign the NDA when customizing the toys


1.Where to buy science toys wholesales

1.1 Sourcing from B2B platforms

Alibaba hosts the largest B2B (, It connects businesses to global manufacturers. Using Alibaba, a buyer can find suppliers to create various bulk educational toys and import them into their country.



We can also choose online sourcing platforms such as Global Sources and Made in China, which can find science toy suppliers in China.

Even if you need to source science toys from India, you can go Indiamart.  It’s a famous B2B platform in India.


1.2.Toys exhibition/fair

Most buyers who are running the import business used to visit the toys fair to find suppliers directly. It is easy to check the science toys showroom at the fair. Because there are few suppliers focusing on STEM business, but we are still easy to find many companies have STEM toys. Moreover, we can also touch the samples to know the quality.

But the exhibition time is only 2 to 3 days, our exhibition time is very short. In addition, the samples at the exhibition are also limited, and not all products can be seen. (Some exhibitions are only open twice a year, and each supplier will get limited samples to display at the booth.)

Toys Fair

Toys Fair

1.3 Local wholesale market

Yiwu market contains nearly 40,000 shops, it’s the biggest wholesale market in China, wholesaling almost all of the toys you can think of. Although there are few professional manufacturers of STEM toys, but we can still find many kinds of toys we need.


1.4 Google keywords searching

Searching the keywords like education toys manufacturer, STEM toys factory, science toys wholesales, etc, we will find many treasures here. Although there are many suppliers on B2B platform, homogeneous products are serious and the supplier’s levels are uneven. The manufacturers who have their own websites will have clear businesses goals, they are more professional and reliable. We can pay more attention to them.


2.How to verify supplier?

The supplier can be required to provide a business license.If your supplier is in China, ask the supplier for the registration documents of the company/factory (documents of the company from China will be in Chinese) Below is a picture for reference.

business license

business license


3.Ask for their catalog

Using the above methods, we can find various kinds of science toys, but many products have serious homogeneity and uneven quality. We can ask suppliers to provide catalog. Not only can we find many unique STEM toys, but we can also analyze the level of suppliers. Science toys catalog makes it easier for us to find suitable products, such as cool science toys, girls science toys, science lab toys, science toys for teenagers etc.

STEM toys Catalog

STEM toys catalog


4.Check Price – to match the quality

As a buyer, we may have thousands of ways to negotiate the price with the supplier; but the best price is not the lowest price; it’s the reasonable price.China’s production industry has a long history and professional system, so most products come with quite a competitive cost.

Every toy has over ten production units. They look the same but actually not. So, there would also be not much difference in their wholesale prices.

1.1 If the supplier gives a higher quote to you, they may lose business. So you just need to find a suitable price to match the quality you want.

1.2 When you enter the educational toy business, you should have done much research for the corresponding industry. You must know the market and cost very well. If any supplier offers you a much lower quote than the market price, you need to be careful.


5.Confirm all the details clearly

When sourcing in China, India or other countries, one must keep in mind we may have to face language and ambiguity of understanding. Many of the problems between suppliers and purchasers can be traced back due to miscommunication or ignore confirmation of all details .

To avoid misunderstanding, all your product specifications, from the Quality requirement, Color requirement, packaging and labelling requirement to delivery time, should be in writing ,and then ask for the quotation.

product details

product details


6.How do you choose shipping method for science toys?

After confirming the product style and quantity, we can ask the supplier to calculate the freight cost. So what kind of shipping method is suitable for science toys? It is determined by delivery time and cost.


Air freight is the fastest, and there are three ways.
1.1 Express delivery. like DHL, FedEX, UPSetc. It can be delivered anywhere in only 3-7 days, but the delivery cost is expensive. So  it’s suitable for delivery samples, urgent&important products and high value products.

1.2 Air. It’s let the forwarder book the space from the airline, when the cargo arrived the destination airport,the buyers need to do customs clearance and arranging local transportation themeselves. Air is suitable for urgent and large-volume goods, the price is cheaper than express delivery, but the delivery time is a bit longer.

1.3 Air+Local UPS delivery(FBA service). FBA is a shipping method following Amazon,where there is a Amazon, there will be FBA service. At first, the forwarders delivery the goods to the destination airport, and then they cleared the customs by himselves. After the customs clearance is completed, it is responsible for delivering the goods to the Amazon warehouse.

As it develops,then it can be delivered to a private address. Through this method, forwarders will arrange customs clearance, and the buyer does not need to prepare any documents and does not need to pay any duties. The price is relatively cheap, and the delivery time is about 10-18 days. This method is suitable for small and medium volume shipment. What’s more, it’s didn’t request any certifications for buyer, forwarders will do it by themselves.

Air FBA Service

Air FBA Service

Sea is the most economical shipping method

2.1 Sea+Local UPS delivery(FBA service). FBA also has ocean shipping services, but the first voyage is ocean shipping. The delivery time is about 30-50 days, and different ship owners have different delivery times. Generally suitable for small and medium volume of shipment, If the shipment weight is below 1500kg, it’s the best choice. it’s didn’t request any certifications or duties for buyer, forwarders will do it by themselves.But the peak season is prone to delays, the general delay rate is about 30% and the delay about 1-3 weeks.

2.2 traditional sea. If the shipment is more than 1000kg, traditional sea transportation may have more advantages. The greater the weight, the lower the average cost. But we need to prepare customs clearance documents, customs duties, certificates and local delivery.


Transport Notes

1,Electricity, magnetism, motors, solar panels, powders, and liquids are all sensitive goods and lots of science kits will have them. Shipping costs are higher than ordinary toys. Air freight is suitable for delivering samples and bulk cargo by sea. Professional science toys suppliers generally give reasonable advice about it.

2.Science toys generally require different certifications and they are volume weight. Small and medium volume shipment are very suitable by sea+ local delivery.


7.Can you buy Copyright items or Not?

We know that if the toys comes from a reputable brand, it will be much easier to sell it and get a higher profit. So don’t forget to ask the science toys supplier, “do you have a copyrighted science toys?” they may send you some photo with copyright design and say, “we can produce it, but we do not have a license?”

Now the question is, should you buy such a product?

The answer is, “NO.”the buyer has to get the original company authorization to sell those products as well. If they don’t get the company authorization, they have to face their country’s customs while importing the goods.


8.Sign the NDA when customizing the toys

Why are they selling the products we developed?
Why are there so many homogenized products on the market?
The above things happen every day. Because a lot of buyers ignore the importance of confidentiality agreements. If we want to create a new science toys, science activities, or STEM projects, we must sign a the NDA(Non-disclosure agreement)with the supplier. If the new product is very good and no confidentiality agreement is signed, the supplier is likely to recommend its product to other buyers to obtain greater profits.We will lose the ownership of this unique science toys.





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