Quality Statement

Quality is NO.1

Kids love science toys: it piques their imagination and stimulate their development. However, children are also a vulnerable group. For this reason, the safety of our kits is our very highest priority.

Reliable toy manufacturer

STARIVER is a reliable manufacturer in China to produce science toys. We have fostered lasting relationships with safety material suppliers over the last 8 years. The products are created under good, honest, and safe conditions.

Quality assurance in STARIVER

All STEM kits are tested in our factory in accordance with international standards, and also at reputable test laboratories such as SGS and ASTM etc. We also carry out extra checks on a constant basis. We will only start production once we are absolutely certain that the science kits is safe for kids and meet all relevant regulations. Random checks during production and thorough analyses of the production process guarantee the quality of the batch production.

Own test team

A quality procedure envelops the entire purchasing chain and production process. In our in-house laboratory, specialized team members work hard every day on testing and checking the safety aspects of every OEM/ODM orders. Sturdiness is tested, for instance, and any electronic or moving parts are tested for proper functioning. It also goes without saying that the materials used to produce an item must not be easily flammable or contain toxic materials. We even assess whether the item is easy to clean.

Customer Service of Manufacturer

Great science kit quality typically accompanies great customer service by the manufacturer.

Person at Office Chatting on the Phone

In order to confirm how the science kit maker treats customers, simply call or email our support to ask about the kits you’re interested in. Keep a note of how long they take to respond and the amount of details they provide in their answers. It’s a good method to test all the suppliers.