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Kids First Chemistry Set , DIY Bouncy Ball Kit

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Kids First Chemistry Set , DIY Bouncy Ball Kit

If you are looking for the Kids First Chemistry Set , the DIY bouncy ball is quite good kit.

Here are the steps for the Bouncy Ball.

Looking for fun and simple scientific activities to make sure kids have fun? In this fast, five minute experiment, little chemists will make their own Bouncy balls.

For children, making elastic ball is an interesting and scientific choice!

Materials and tools:


1 / 2 cup warm water

2 tbsp white glue (Elmer school glue works best)

corn starch

Edible pigment (optional)

First Step

Prepare the mixture of borax and water. Take out 1 / 2 cup warm water and 1 tbsp borax. Then mix and stir well to dissolve the borax.

Next, mix the cornstarch and the mixture to make the glue. Add a few drops of food pigment to the glue / corn starch mixture and stir slightly.

Second Step

Keep this in mind when choosing blended colors: complementary colors may end up looking cloudy. Separate the colors of the cornballs and add the best glue if you want. Each color is then added to the borax water separately, and when the glue mixture begins to harden, they are added back together and rolled into balls.

Pour the glue mixture into borax water and let stand for about 10-15 seconds. The glue mixture begins to harden and can be easily removed with a fork.

Third Step

Grasp and press it between your hands and roll between them.

Note: if your ball is still sticky, immerse it in borax water.

Last Step

After the ball is formed, it’s done. Although its elasticity is not as high as the super elastic ball, the effect is good.

Experimental principle:

When the glue is added to borax water, it becomes hard and elastic. This is because borax reacts with the glue, resulting in long chains of polymers or molecules in the glue sticking together and forming elastomers.

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