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Cool Science Experiments for Kids , Salt Water Clock

0.10 $3.00 $

 Salt Water Clock ; Cool Science Experiments

Perfect for older kids doing the salt water clock science experiment. It's a Cool Science Experiment for kids.

Experimental principle of salt water clock:

The zinc is more active than cooper, so the zinc is easy to lose electrons and come to the positive pole. The cooper comes to the negative pole. Saltwater is acting as the role of electrolyte. The electrolyte is a material that can conduct electricity.

Cool Science Toys ;Air Powered Rocket

1.50 $3.11 $
Ages: 10-13 years MOQ: 100 pcs/style

DIY drones for kids ; STEM Kits

19.32 $24.12 $

DIY drones for kids ; STEM Kits

It's an assembling process about the DIY drones for kids. Kids / Students can learn the structure, sensors and working principles of drones through this kit. it's suitable for schools, learning centers and businesses. The kit needs to be assembled by hand to enjoy the DIY fun. The four-axis aircraft DIY kit is based on Arduino, assembled with an environmentally friendly basswood shell, with a simple structure and good mechanical stability. The parts include four high-speed coreless motors, four propellers (two clockwise rotation, two counterclockwise rotation), remote control launch plate, 3.7V 600mah body lithium battery, 3.7V 400mah remote control battery, USB charging cable, wood Case, plastic remote control button, English manual.

DIY Science Kits ; Electric Reptile

1.16 $2.26 $
Ages: 8-10 years MOQ: 100 pcs/style

DIY star projector

1.84 $3.67 $
Star Map light is a very interesting and good-looking product, which is very popular with children. We are a supplier of origin from China and has our own factory, the price is much cheaper than that on Amazon.

Why children loved Star Map Light so much ?

Because it is a very fun and educational gift for 8-13 years old children : It looks not only attractive , but also interesting! In the process of children's assembly, they can exercise their hands-on ability. When the children turn on the switch , they can see the beautiful lights, feel a sense of achievement and pride!

DIY Telescope ; School Science Kits Suppliers

0.91 $1.70 $
Ages:10-13 years MOQ:100 pcs/style

Easy Science Experiments , Heart and lung experiment

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Easy Science Experiments, Heart and lung experiment

What's the Lung Function? It's easy science experiments, after we make this kit, the students or kids will learn more about the Heart and Lung.

Elementary School Science Kits ; Pulley Experiment

1.11 $2.09 $
Ages:10-13 years MOQ: 100 pcs/ style