Science materials are used in STEM kits, mainly in Physics&Engineering Chemistry, Space&Earth, Nature,Biology and Coding.
As long as the science materials used for science kits,all can be customized and wholesale here.

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Ferrofluid for sale STEAM Toy

4.81 $
Specification: Material: Glass, plastic, ferrofluid Color: Blue,Transparent Height:app. 10cm / 3.94in Quantity: 1 set

Reaction Force Ship

0.60 $

Reaction Force Ship

The is reaction force ship is one of the fun physics experiments for elementary students. Purchasing physics kits here. As a physics experiment kits manufacturer from China,  sourcing from us directly could save 50% cost.  

Making a reaction force ship physics experiments for kids

When the balloon is full of air and put the ship into the water, the ship will move forward by the force of the balloon. As simple physics experiments with everyday materials,  It's excellent science experiments for elementary students or preschoolers.

Clay dinosaur with skeleton model

4.18 $

Clay dinosaur with skeleton model

This clay dinosaur is very popular. We are making the shape of the dinosaur on the dinosaur skeleton model to make the dinosaur look more lifelike. Purchasing this clay kit with skeleton model wholesales here. This website is a STEM kits manufacturer from China,  sourcing from us directly could save 50% cost.

How to make a clay dinosaur by kids themselves?

Making a clay dinosaur on a dinosaur skeleton is more interesting and simpler than a pure clay kit. Because of the support of the dinosaur skeleton, it is easier for children to make into the shape of dinosaurs. There are dinosaur skeletons in every clay dinosaur, it's a very cool handmade craft for children. There are 6 different dinosaur skeletons toys for kids.