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Amazing Christmas Tree

1.84 $3.78 $
Have you seen this Amazing Christmas Tree? It’s perfect for the upcoming Christmas! The planting process can be seen with your own eyes! Let the children experience the wonder of chemistry!

Amazing love tree

0.85 $3.67 $
Have you seen this amazing love tree? It grows out of the shape is heart-shaped, the planting process can be seen with your own eyes! Let the children experience the wonder of chemistry!

Attractive Christmas Tree

0.95 $3.67 $
Attractive Christmas Tree

Attractive Purple Tree

0.85 $2.05 $
Attractive Purple Tree

Basic Chemistry Kit Cosmic Rocket Experiment

1.15 $1.72 $
Basic Chemistry Kit This is a basic chemistry kit. the rocket experiment is an experiment about chemical reactions, it’s easy

Beautiful Blue Princess

0.95 $1.50 $
Have you ever seen a beautiful blue princess at home?This blue princess kit can help you implement this idea! The operation step is few, simple easy to use! Just need you to set up the cardboard inside the kit, fixed, will be the liquid in the Kit pour up and wait for it!

Cool Christmas Tree

0.95 $1.50 $
Come make your own Cool Christmas Tree! Christmas is coming, how can we do without this atmosphere full of Cool Christmas tree! Hands-on, simple and easy to operate, not only can let the children experience the fun of hands-on, but also can learn a wealth of chemical knowledge! What a simple and fun thing to do!

Cool Science Experiments for Kids , Salt Water Clock

0.10 $3.00 $

 Salt Water Clock ; Cool Science Experiments

Perfect for older kids doing the salt water clock science experiment. It's a Cool Science Experiment for kids.

Experimental principle of salt water clock:

The zinc is more active than cooper, so the zinc is easy to lose electrons and come to the positive pole. The cooper comes to the negative pole. Saltwater is acting as the role of electrolyte. The electrolyte is a material that can conduct electricity.

Fruit battery experiment kit

0.85 $1.21 $

Fruit battery experiment kit

By completing the Fruit battery experiment Project by the students and letting the students experience the mystery of science, develop the child's imagination and hands-on ability, and make the child more interested in scientific experiments. It's a food chemistry kit for kids. Purchasing fruit battery kit here. As a cool scientific experiments manufacturer from China,  sourcing from us directly could save 50% cost.

Interesting Crystal Growing Kits

0.95 $1.20 $
The interesting crystal growing kits is a chemical suit that is very popular with children. The operation is simple, easy to learn, and full of fun.

Lifelike Christmas Tree

0.85 $2.05 $
Have you ever seen a lifelike Christmas tree ? It’s only a tenth of the size of a real Christmas tree, but it’s very similar! What is more amazing is that the children can take it out with their own hands and see how it grows out bit by bit! Let the children understand the wonder of chemistry!

Perfect Crystal Growing Kit

4.85 $6.50 $

Perfect Crystal Growing Kit

You may have seen crystal growing kits, but have you ever seen a perfect crystal growing kit like this? It was planted on the back of a dinosaur, and it looked like it was from a dinosaur!

Santa Claus toys

0.85 $1.50 $

STEM Rocket Science Kit Chemistry kits for kids

7.99 $1.72 $

Chemistry kits for kids

These rocket kits are chemistry kits for kids, as an innovative science project for kids uses a simple chemical reaction with baking soda and vinegar to launch the rocket model that you and your little one can build. The DIY kit is easy to use and safe as it contains durable parts that will not break easily. Purchasing the STEM rocket here. As a science project toys manufacturer from China,  sourcing from us directly could save 50% cost. This rocket launching kit is a unique gift for all kids above the age of 8 years old. With this science project, you can blast a rocket into space and have fun building a model that you can even use at the school science fair.    

Volcano Experiment for Kids Wholesales

1.92 $3.17 $

Volcano Experiment for Kids Wholesales

We could purchase volcano experiment for kids wholesales here, This website is a STEM kits manufacturer from China,  sourcing from us directly could save 50% cost. One of the most popular chemistry experiments The volcano eruption experiment is one of the most popular experiments. The operation of this experiment is very simple, and the chemical reaction is very fast. When the chemicals are mixed, children can immediately see the phenomenon of volcanic eruptions.