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Mini RC Drone UFO Science toy

16.00 $

Best gifts toys for boys and girls over 14 years old!

Product size: 12*12*4.5cm

Box Size: 20.5*14.5*7.5cm


✔Cool LED Lighting

✔USB Charging, Convenient & Safe

✔Five Sensors for Automatic Obstacle Avoidance

✔Spherical Design, 360° Protection of the Propeller Blade

✔High-quality ABS Material  

Simple DIY Robot Worm Science Kit

1.73 $
A great simple DIY robot worm science kit for kids to understand the basic mechanical structures, and power transmission.
Made of natural wood: eco-friendly, non-toxic, smooth without any burrs, and durable for long lasting use.
Direct assembly:  simple assembly, exercise the child's hands-on ability.
Full of fun to learn and assemble
  • Great for school project
  • Simple and practical 
  • Strengthen parent-child communication
  • Good for intellectual development
  • Stimulate children's desire to explore

Steam Boat Toy

0.98 $

Steam Boat Toy


- Creative DIY steam candle powered speed boat model toy, let children have a hands-on experience - Model building kits, science experimental physics learning toy & Train your children observation capability, thinking, and analytical skills - A great DIY educational toy for kids and students to have a sense of achievement and learning knowledge in the fun play process

Simple Floating Jellyfish Science Toy

0.30 $

Jellyfish Float Science Toy

This fun science toy is a colorful magical Jellyfish. Jellyfish swim up and down in a plastic bottle, and just by squeezing it, according to the principles of fluid mechanics. It's quite good science toys for kindergarten.

Wooden Kids Science Experiment Kits-Remote Control Off Road Tracked Tank

3.92 $

Wooden Kits Science Experiment Kits

【Educational STEM Toys for Kids】Good choice for kids who love building and science. Fun and entertaining, These tank car kits will create an enjoyable learning experience and great satisfaction building their own electric motor kit. Create a circuit and let the fun begin!

Baby Busyboard Toy Wooden Toddler Busy Board for 1 2 3 4 Year Old

1.00 $

Baby Busyboard Elements Toys

Purchasing baby busyboard toy wholesales here. This website is an educational toys manufacturer from China,  sourcing from us directly could save 50% cost. 

Bath Bombs

3.58 $
Bath Bombs This is a Bath Bombs, it's a chemistry set.

Fingerprint experiment

2.00 $
Fingerprint experiment is a magical chemical experiment that can help children experience the wonders of chemistry.

Carbon Fiber BirdsFlapping Wing Flight Rubber Band Aircraft

4.80 $
Item Name:  2022 Rubber band aircraft
Material:ABS+ Carbon Fiber
Body Length: 465mm
Wingspan:355mm Flying time: 20-30 seconds Weight: About 80g Packing: Box Package

14 in 1 Amazing Chemistry Experiment

3.53 $

14 in 1 Amazing Chemistry Experiment

It’s a 14-in-1 amazing chemistry experiment set that allows kids to do multiple experiments with one set, to learn about what’s in it and to learn about the wonders of chemistry.

Coke Battery

0.85 $
Coke Battery Have you ever seen one of these Coke batteries? This is a conductive kit, it can let the children clearly understand and learn liquid can conduct electricity, how the role of electricity.

Magical Crystal Growing

0.85 $

Magical Crystal Growing

Have you ever seen this Magical crystal growth?It can teach children the wonders of chemistry!