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STEM toys for toddlers , Remote control bionic bird

9.58 $
This is a STEM toys for toddlers. Unlike other remote control toys, this bionic bird relies on the flap of wings to fly.This toy has 4 different styles, it is a very fun remote control toy.  

Solar energy kits for students ; Solar rotating bell

1.37 $
This is a very interesting one of solar energy kits for students. Under the irradiation of the sun, the motor drives the bell to rotate. The rotating bell will expand more and more under the action of centrifugal force. Children will be very excited to do this experiment. It is highly recommended to watch the video effect.

Static electricity experiments for kids

3.40 $
This is an static electricity experiments for kids.  When the magic ball is energized, the center of the ball will send colorful current around. When we touch the ball with our fingers, the current will focus on our fingers.

Wind energy experiments for students ; Wind Power Generation

1.44 $
This is a easy wind energy experiments for students. We just need to blow at the fan and the light under the fan will light up. In this activity, students will create a wind power generation. They will use this fan to learn how wind energy works.  As a renewable clean energy, it is one of the main energy in the future. Through this experiment, students can understand the experimental principle and provide unlimited possibilities for the development of clean energy in the future.

Programmable robot kits for beginners , line tracing robot

4.14 $
This is one of programmable robot kits for beginners, we called it tracing robot.

Application scenario

1. It can be used in schools ,learning centers, educational institutions to cooperate with teachers’ STEM courses. 2. As home science educational toys that being an interactive toys between parents and children. 3. Making into an monthly activity boxes or subscription boxes for kids  4. Science tools for kids

Salt water car toy , science kits for 10 year olds

2.58 $
The salt water car is the best science kits for 10 year olds . It's also one of our most popular STEM toys from 2016-2021.

wireless lamp (Wireless chargers system experiment); science kit for kids experiment

1.88 $
Wireless lamp system experiment ; science kit for kids experiment This science kit for kids experiment is the latest science

DIY drones for kids ; STEM Kits

59.00 $

DIY drones for kids ; STEM Kits

It's an assembling process about the DIY drones for kids. Kids / Students can learn the structure, sensors and working principles of drones through this kit. it's suitable for schools, learning centers and businesses. The kit needs to be assembled by hand to enjoy the DIY fun. The four-axis aircraft DIY kit is based on Arduino, assembled with an environmentally friendly basswood shell, with a simple structure and good mechanical stability. The parts include four high-speed coreless motors, four propellers (two clockwise rotation, two counterclockwise rotation), remote control launch plate, 3.7V 600mah body lithium battery, 3.7V 400mah remote control battery, USB charging cable, wood Case, plastic remote control button, English manual.

Wholesale Science Kits ; DIY Merry-Go-Round

1.15 $
Wholesale Science Kits ; DIY Merry-Go-Round STARIVER Science Factory offers wholesale science kits . and also provides the leading custom