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Amazing Solar Cockroach

1.20 $

Amazing Solar Cockroach

Have you seen this Amazing Solar cockroach? It crawls like a real cockroach, except that cockroaches don’t like the sun, but this toy does, it crawls in the sun, and it’s a lot cuter than a real cockroach.  

One Lifelike Solar Scarab

2.09 $

One Lifelike Solar Scarab

Have you ever seen a lifelike Solar Scarab like this?

It can let the children understand how the Scarab crawling, the children learn the sun and kinetic energy conversion, learning the structure of the scarab is very helpful!

Amazing Solar Spider

2.09 $
Amazing Solar Spider This is an Amazing Solar Spider, because in the sun it will crawl like a real Spider, do not need you to install, just put it in the sun! It allows children to see for themselves how solar energy is converted into kinetic energy.

Lifelike Solar Lobster

2.20 $

Lifelike Solar Lobster

This is a lifelike solar lobster toy, it will walk under the Sun, just like real lobster! And it gives kids a clear idea of how solar energy can be converted into electricity.  

Bug Viewer Set Toy for Kids

2.77 $

Bug Viewer Set

A rotatable style bug viewer with magnifier, allow to observe different insect in the dish conveniently.Kids can classify the bug into the six separated transparent round box on the observing plate and use the plastic magnification ocular to observe the detail. Purchasing bug viewer toy wholesales here. This website is science toys manufacturer from China,  sourcing from us directly could save 50% cost.

Bug Viewer Set Toy for Kids

There is a magnifying plastic lens on top and transparent wall on sides. Viewing from top, kids can observe the magnified captured bugs. viewing from side, normal size of it will be seen. Kids don’t need to risk to touch the unknown worm or insects.This tool enable children catcher the bugs without using hands directly.It is easy to carry the handle and can carry to everywhere while won't hurt children's hands. This insect viewer suitable for views rocks, flowers, leaves, insects, shells, crystals and minerals.Learning, discovering and playing with it and help your child discover the living world ,love the world.

Attractive Solar Bee

2.12 $
Attractive Solar Bee Have you ever seen anything like this Attractive Solar Bee? Simple Assembly, easy to use, as long

Realistic Solar Grasshopper

1.39 $
Realistic solar Grasshopper is a very flexible toy. It looks just like real. Under the action of sunlight, it will run by itself. Very flexible.

Monthly Science Kits for Kids , Seed Growth

1.57 $
Could we find some magic Monthly Science Kits for Kids? The seed growth experiment is quite good.

Science Project Kits for Kids ; Seed Growth toys

1.34 $
It mainly solves two problems:  what conditions are needed for seed germination? What might be the result of changing one of the conditions?  Let's try to guide students to think about what might be the result of changing one of the conditions?  In this situation, stimulate students to use experiments to verify their guesses.

STEM Classroom Kits ; Seed Growth Maze

2.08 $
This product can cultivate children's interest in plant growth and is suitable for children over three years old to play.