How to make science toys for kids in business

If you don’t know how to make science toys for kids , this article will be helpful for you.As a 7-year manufacturer, we has customized thousands of science kits. Here are some of our experiences in making customized kits.

The Science kits manufacturing process entails several stages,we will explain every step of the Science kits production process, from realizing a sample all the way to mass production, to help you create science toys that suits your needs!

Step One – Ideas & Concept

Making Science toys is fun! They could be for a science project ,   monthly science kits for kids, or simply you have an idea to make something interesting for kid’s learning. This is we always keep in mind at all the stages. In addition, when we customize science kits, we also need to consider timescales, prices, what the science kits should be etc.

Step Two- Design & Prototype

If you create the science kits design, probably this process is the most fun steps, with design revisions and discussing the finer details, we are still refining and testing the designs.

Of course, you can also get the product list from the supplier, design and integrate products according to your own ideas on the basis of existing products.

Step Three- Final project budget

For most people, price is a very important factor. But raw materials, production process, technology, packaging, certificate, logistics quality control etc. are important factors affecting the price.

When related the science kit cost, we suggest that you split the products according to the materials, and take out each material for a discussion, so that the manufacturer can recommend reasonable accessories according to the demand. Then based the specific needs to calculate the kit cost by us.

For example, how many grams of paper should be used in the instruction manual, what kind of outer packaging should be used, whether the kid science kits can be printed with logo, if there are plywood accessories, whether basswood or poplar is recommended etc.

In addition to the total cost, we also should pay attention to the product certification cost, logistics cost, sample cost, sample time and production period. Finally, the overall budget and timescale are sorted out. Of course, supplier will assist to you confirm all the details and confirm the final budget.

Step Four- Making a sample

Every time you place an order for a science kits for kids, it is important to develop a sample with the supplier. It is always good to make a sample before confirming an order, allowing you to have final approval before launching mass production in order to know exactly what your new kits will look like.

Step Five- Mass Production

Mass production is the key step  in the whole procurement process. If there is no rich experience in procurement management or cooperating with a new supplier, there will be a risk in product production.

How to ensure the quality of science toys?

  1. Confirm the details: before placing the order, we must  confirm all the details of the order again. Then send the PO to the supplier to avoid the supplier’s misunderstanding.
  2.  Sign the contract or NDA: If it’s a developed science kit, we must sign the NDA /Contract. Because they can make the supplier pay more attention and the production process will be more serious.
  3. Process control: In the production process, we must follow up the order 1-2 times to see if the order is smooth. it’s better to get the video or picture during this step.
  4.  Inspection: we must inspect the goods before delivery. when there is no third party inspection company, we can check the condition of the goods through videos and pictures.


How to make science toys for kids in business? In fact, customizing science toys is not difficult, but it requires purchasing experience and custom process management experience.


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