15 awesome science experiments to do with your kids!

Explore a magical world with your kids at home – 15 awesome science experiments!

1. Color-changing flowers

Color-changing flowers

Color-changing flowers

Material preparation: white carnations, food coloring, water, cup
How to make:
(1) Pour the same amount of water into the cup, and put a few drops of food coloring into one of them
(2) Put the flowers into transparent bottles, and observe the change of the color of the flowers after a few days.
Scientific knowledge: The stem is one of the vegetative organs of the plant, which has the function of supporting the plant and transporting water and nutrients. The stem of the plant transports the water and nutrients absorbed by the roots to the various parts of the plant from bottom to top. The flowers in the vase change color precisely because the stems conduct the blue ink.


2. Inaccessible balloons

inaccessible balloon

inaccessible balloon

Material preparation: two balloons, dry flannel (or fluff), thread.

How to make:

Blow up two balloons, tie them to prevent air leakage, and connect them with thread.

Scientific knowledge:The electricity charged by objects due to friction is either positive or negative. The same charge as the glass rod rubbed with silk is called positive charge; the same charge as the rubber rod rubbed with fluff is called negative charge. Identical charges have the property of repelling each other, while different charges attract each other.

Since the two balloons have the same charge after being rubbed by the fluff, they will repel each other and naturally separate.


3. Battery family

battery experiment for kids

battery experiment for kids

Material preparation: various types of batteries, electric toys, a battery family map.
Experimental operation:
(1) Let the children observe the appearance characteristics of the battery, and classify or queue the batteries according to the model and function.
(2) Guide the child to choose the appropriate battery, put it into the electric toy in the correct way, and make the electric toy move.
Science knowledge:
A battery generally refers to a small device that can generate electricity, such as a solar cell. The chemical batteries we usually use can be divided into primary batteries and accumulators. The primary battery can generate current after it is made, but it is discarded after discharge. The accumulator is also called a secondary battery, which can be discharged after charging, and can be charged and reused after discharging.

At present, our general disposable batteries mainly include carbon batteries and alkaline batteries. Generally, each section is 1.5V and is cylindrical. The common models are A,AA, AAA . The larger the number, the smaller the model. When we correctly install the battery into the electric toy and turn on the switch, the battery can provide current to the circuit. At the same time, the electric energy is transformed into mechanical energy, and the toy can move.


4. Magnetic field lines

magnet experiment

magnet experiment

Material preparation: a small plate, a plastic bag; a piece of paper, some iron filings; a bar magnet.
Experimental operation:
1. Put the magnet in a plastic bag, then stir it in the sandpile, then take out the plastic bag and put it on a small plate, take out the magnet, the iron filings will fall off, and after many times, you can get a lot of iron filings.
2. Put the magnet on the handmade paper, evenly sprinkle the collected iron filings around, tap the paper lightly, and due to the action of the magnetic field, the pattern of magnetic lines of force will appear on the paper.


5. Beautiful rainbow

rainbow experiments

rainbow experiments

Material preparation: two plastic water bottles, a compass; an awl, some water; a needle.
Experimental operation:
1. Use a needle to poke about twenty small holes in the plastic bottle cap, fill the plastic bottle with water, and close the cap tightly. People turn their backs to the sun, hold the bottle, squeeze the water gently, and then see the rainbow.
2. Use an awl to poke a hole in the other cap and repeat the above test, this time no rainbows can be seen in the light rain sprayed from the cap.


6. Water flute

diy water flute

diy water flute

Material preparation: a long straw, a pair of scissors; a milk bottle; a bottle of water.
Experimental operation:
1. Use an empty glass milk bottle and put half a bottle of water into the bottle;
2. Use scissors to cut a slit about one-third of the long straw, so that it is almost disconnected, but still connected a little;
3. Bend the straw at the incision, insert the longer section of the straw into the water, and the incision is on the water surface. Blow hard on the straw to hear the sound, adjust the position of the straw in the water, and the sound will change again.
Scientific knowledge:
When we blow into the straw, a jet of air is produced. When this horizontal airflow passes through the mouth of the longer straw, it causes the air column in the straw to vibrate, resulting in a faint but stable sound. As the longer length of straw descends in the water, the vibrating air column shortens, creating a higher-pitched sound, and the straw rises and the air column lengthens, creating a low-pitched sound.


7. Handmade gyroscope

Handmade gyroscope

Handmade gyroscope

Experimental operation:
(1) Decorate the disc with various sticky notes, and then insert a small wooden stick of moderate thickness through the small hole in the disc and fix it.
(2) Let the children turn the gyroscope, and then let it spin, and see who has the longest spin gyroscope.

Scientific knowledge:
The gyroscope is an ancient children’s toy, a revolving body that turns on the ground. When the gyroscope rotates, it not only rotates around its own axis, but also makes a conical motion around a vertical axis.

To make the gyroscope stand up, external force must be continuously applied. Once the help of the external force is lost, the gyroscope will fall down soon, because the support of the gyroscope is too small to support its own weight. The length of time the gyro rotates is related to the distance of the fulcrum from the ground, the force during rotation, the contact area between the fulcrum and the ground, and the frictional force.

8. Handmade hourglass

Homemade hourglass

handmade hourglass

Material preparation: several pairs of identical water bottles (bottle mouths vary in size), sand, and a stopwatch.

Experimental operation:
(1) Two identical water bottles are grouped together, and some sand is placed in one of the water bottles. The amount of sand loaded in each set of bottles was the same.

(2) Put the bottle mouths of each group of mineral water bottles opposite each other and fasten them with transparent tape, you can make simple decorations on the bottle body, and the hourglass is finished.

(3) Invite the child to invert a set of hourglasses, observe the flow of sand, and record the time when the sand runs out.

(4) Invite the child to turn upside down several hourglasses of different sizes at the same time, and compare the different times when they are finished.

Scientific knowledge:
Give the sand an external force, and the sand can flow. Constantly flipping the hourglass is equivalent to giving the sand an external force, so the sand can flow. The flow rate of sand is related to the size of the hourglass bottle mouth and the number and diameter of bottle holes: the larger the bottle cap mouth, the more bottle cap holes and the larger the diameter, the faster the flow rate; the smaller the bottle mouth, the fewer bottle cap holes and the larger the diameter. The smaller the diameter, the slower the flow rate.

An hourglass, also called a sand clock, is a device for measuring time.The hourglass consists of two identical bottles, which are connected by a narrow connecting pipe in the middle. The fine sand trapped in the upper bottle slowly flows into the bottom bottle through the middle thin tube. The time required for this process can be used to measure time.

Once all the sand has flowed into the bottom bottle, the hourglass can be turned upside down to measure time. The advantage of this hourglass is that it can be used on both sides, turn it over, and the bottom can be used as the top.

9. Homemade fountain

Material preparation: two larger empty drink bottles (such as Sprite bottles), tacks, water

Experimental operation:
(1) Poke a number of small holes with the same diameter on the side of the bottle body of a sprite bottle in a vertical row.
(2) Poke several small holes of different diameters on the cap of another sprite bottle.

(3) Let the child fill the first bottle with water, the water will be sprayed from the small holes in the bottle body, and the distance of the water spray is different.
(4) Let the child also fill the second bottle with water, tighten the bottle cap, and squeeze the bottle body, the water will be sprayed from above like a fountain.

Scientific knowledge:
The pressure of the water is determined by the depth of the water, the deeper the water, the greater the water pressure; the shallower the water, the lower the water pressure. Therefore, under the condition that the diameter of the small holes on the bottle body is the same, the water sprayed from the bottom of the bottle is the farthest, and the water sprayed from the top is the closest. In addition, when the bottle body is squeezed hard, the water in the bottle is simultaneously affected by the pressure, and it is sprayed from the holes of different sizes. The harder you squeeze, the greater the water pressure and the bigger the fountain.

10. Homemade Bubble Water

homemade Bubble Water


Material preparation: washing powder, detergent, soap flakes, small spoon, water, cup.
Experimental operation: Invite the children to choose any material, put it into a water cup, stir to make bubble water, and blow bubbles to play.

Scientific knowledge:
Bubbles are formed due to the surface tension of water. Usually, the mutual attraction between water molecules is stronger than the attraction between water molecules and air. These water molecules seem to be stuck together, but if the water molecules are excessively stuck together, bubbles are not easily formed. The detergent “breaks” this surface tension of the water, reducing the surface tension to only 1/3 of the normal condition, which is the optimum tension required for blowing bubbles.

The proportion of bubble water will affect the effect of blowing bubbles. Generally, you can use the bubble water that is prepared with 2 parts of detergent and 6 parts of water. Glycerin is a hygroscopic liquid that combines with water to form a weaker chemical binder that slows water evaporation. So, in order to make the bubbles not disappear so quickly, you can put some glycerin in the bubbling water. Typically, the best formula for a bubble-blowing solution is: 2 parts meal wash, 6 parts water, and 1-4 parts glycerin. Through the bubbles we can see colorful light because of the refraction of the light as it passes through the membrane of the soap bubble.

11. Funny tumbler

Funny tumbler

Funny tumbler

Materials preparation: table tennis, plasticine, colored paper, watercolor pen, sand, mung beans.

Experimental operation:
(1) Cut a small opening in the table tennis ball, and stick plasticine on the bottom middle of the ball as the body of the tumbler.
(2) Make a cone with colored paper and draw the facial features as the head of the tumbler.
(3) Adhere the cone and the plastic ball with adhesive to make a tumbler.
(4) Let the child push the tumbler with his hands and observe its swinging state to see if it will fall down.
(5) Distribute table tennis balls to the children, change the weight of the plasticine and the position in the table tennis ball, observe whether the tumbler will fall down, let them understand that the lower the center of gravity of the tumbler, the more stable and balanced the tumbler will stand.
(6) Let the children fill the table tennis balls with various materials such as sand and beans, and then push the tumbler to observe its changes, so that they can understand that only when the object is fixed, it is possible to make the tumbler not fall.

Scientific knowledge:
The part of the table tennis ball with the plasticine sticking to it is the heaviest, so it becomes the center of gravity of the tumbler. The lower the stick position, the lower and more stable the tumbler’s center of gravity. When the tumbler is in balance, the distance between the center of gravity and the contact point is the shortest, that is, the center of gravity is the lowest, and it is the most stable. When the tumbler is pushed, the contact point between the tumbler and the table top is not on the same line as the center of gravity. After the external force is withdrawn, gravity will make it return to the position with the lowest center of gravity to maintain balance, so the tumbler will not fall no matter how much it swings.


12. Shadow Formation

Shadow Formation

Shadow Formation


Materials preparation: flashlight, doll (opaque object), glass cup (transparent object), plastic cup (translucent object), paper, pen.
Experimental operation:
(1) Put three kinds of objects on the floor, let the children irradiate them with flashlights, observe and record their shadows.
(2) Change the position of the flashlight to illuminate the small doll (opaque object), observe and record the shadow formed by the doll.
(3) The flashlight does not move, change the distance between the doll and the flashlight, and observe the change in the size of its shadow.

Scientific knowledge:
When light travels in a straight line, if it is blocked by an opaque object, it will form a shadow on the back of the object. Light can pass through transparent objects completely, so completely transparent objects cannot form shadows; when light passes through translucent objects, part of the light is transmitted, forming a translucent shadow. The shape and size of the shadow will be different depending on the angle of light irradiation. The size of the shadow varies depending on the distance of the object from the light source.


13. Little Hedgehog’s spines

Little Hedgehog's spines

Little Hedgehog’s spines

Material preparation: magnets, iron filings, rectangular plastic tray, white paper of the same size as the bottom of the tray, and crayons.
Experimental operation:
(1) Draw a little hedgehog squatting under the apple tree on the paper, pay attention not to draw the thorns on the hedgehog.
(2) Spread the painting on the tray.
(3) Gently sprinkle the iron filings on the painting, then place the magnet under the tray, move the magnet gently, and suck all the iron filings onto the little hedgehog, helping the little hedgehog grow sharp spines.
Scientific knowledge:
Magnets can attract iron objects, and the finely broken form of iron filings can show a unique artistic shape under the attraction of magnets. The iron filings can also show the existence of the magnetic field of the magnets. By using the effect of the iron filings on the magnetic lines of force, young children can vividly perceive the distribution of the magnetic lines of magnets of different shapes.


14. Water absorption experiment

Water absorption experiment

Water absorption experiment


Material preparation: newspaper, electro-optical paper, paper towel, kraft paper, dropper, water basin, ruler, tape.

Experimental operation:

(1) Cut newspapers, electro-optical paper, paper towels, and kraft paper into strips of the same size, and then tape one end to the ruler so that the hanging strips are the same length. Place the ruler above the water surface by hand, let the strips of paper immerse in the water at the same time, and let the children observe which strip of paper rises faster, indicating that it has a strong ability to absorb water.
(2) Spread the four different papers on the table, and drop the same amount of water droplets on each piece of paper at the same time, and see which paper the water droplets spread the fastest.
Scientific knowledge:
There are many tiny holes in the plant fiber of paper, and the attraction of the fiber to water is greater than the attraction between water molecules, so that it can attract and retain water molecules under the action of gravity, which is called the water absorption of paper. Because the size and number of holes in the plant fibers of different papers are different, the strength of their water absorption is also different.


15. Magical papermaking

Magical papermaking

Material preparation: waste paper, water, glue, rubber gloves, plastic board, gauze, wooden sticks.

Experimental operation:
(1) Wet the waste paper and shred it, the smaller the better, and then soak it in an appropriate amount of water.
(2) Let the child wear rubber gloves to scratch the soaked paper, add glue and stir evenly with a wooden stick.
(3) Put the prepared pulp on the gauze net to dehydrate, and then spread it evenly on the plastic board and lay it flat to dry.
(4) Let the children feel the fun of making paper by themselves, and write and draw on the dried paper.
Scientific knowledge:
Paper is a sheet-like fiber product used for writing, printing, painting or packaging. Generally, it is formed by staggered combination of pulped plant fiber in water suspension on gauze, preliminarily dehydrated, and then compressed and dried. China is the first country in the world to invent paper.

education toy supplier

8 Selection Criteria for Finding Education Toy Manufacturers

Finding the right education toy manufacturer for your business can be quite a challenge. In your procurement process, you will meet various suppliers through different procurement channels. Some education toy suppliers make you happy; some make you annoying.

Here are the eight selection criteria for finding a good toy suppliers:


Good product

A good product must meet the needs of consumers very well, and the quality must be excellent. As you know, good products speak for themselves and will help you improve sales performance and word-of-mouth publicity. Like Kiwico, Mel Science, etc. They focus on the development of the ultimate educational toys, and have won the recognition of customers and brand communication.

Excellent toy suppliers must be deeply involved in their own fields and are very familiar with the market and products. If the product is not perfect, you can put forward your valuable suggestions, and excellent suppliers will be happy to refer to your requirements and make improvements.

It is not easy to find a good supplier. Don’t give up cooperation opportunities because of a single factor. Sometimes, a good product is the result of continuous communication and running-in between you and the supplier.


Reasonable price

The definition of a reasonable price is a relatively fair price. Don’t chase the lowest price; too low a price means poor quality. It also cannot be too expensive. After all, doing business must consider your profit. for the same quality, if the supplier can provide the best price, then he is a supplier worthy of long-term cooperation.

We have interviewed many customers on product quality and price issues. The lowest price product risk rate is about 18% higher than the normal price product. When a risk occurs, the risk cost we pay is not only the price cost, but also the communication cost, transportation cost, and after-sales cost, time cost, inventory cost, word-of-mouth cost, etc. These hidden risks actually belong to the cost of the lowest price too. So the cost of the lowest-price product is not the lowest.


High working efficiency

High efficiency is reflected in two aspects:

a. Accurate and detailed quotation

The quotation clearly indicates what packaging the price is based on, what requirements it is based on, and the MOQ, what trade terms, production period, etc.

It provides complete materials, dimensions, specifications, certificates and other information, which is of reference significance for you.

b.Quick reply

As a large buyer, when to confirm the quotation, when to confirm the samples, and how often to place an order, these are all carried out in accordance with the planning process. If the supplier cannot respond to you quickly and accurately, it will waste your time.
When you have any questions, the salesperson should respond to emails and phone calls very quickly. Even if he is not in the office when you call, his colleague tells him you contact him half an hour later, he should reply to you immediately.
The above two efficient working methods will make your purchase easy.


Guaranteed delivery time

Some toy suppliers promise you to ship within one month, but you waited three months without shipping.

You have ordered a batch of Christmas toys and need to receive them before Christmas. But because of production errors, reworked from scratch. As a result, Christmas has passed and the goods have not been received yet. You may suffer huge losses. Do you feel outraged?

Therefore, choose a toy supplier with a guaranteed delivery time. How to confirm whether the delivery date is on time? There is no standard answer to this question. We have two suggestions:

a. Sometimes there are too many production orders, and the delivery time will be longer. It is best to make a purchase plan and place an order in advance.

b. For new suppliers, you can place a small trial order first. In this cooperation, it can be seen whether the supplier has a sense of responsibility. I believe that a responsible partner will not delay your order for no reason.

c. Fully consider the various risks that may occur in production and transportation and reserve sufficient time to deal with the occurrence of delay risks.


Good service level

Excellent toy suppliers also have perfect service processes and service awareness. And can help you fully consider various issues, so that you can be more at ease.

Order communication: The supplier always pays attention to the details of the communication, and will repeatedly confirm your needs with you to avoid unnecessary trouble in the later stage. When necessary, the supplier can provide you with professional advice.

Order processing: The supplier always pays attention to the details of the order, such as whether the size and position of the logo are correct, whether the product is accurate, whether the instruction manual is made according to the customer’s requirements, and quickly.

After-sales service: When after-sales service is needed, the seller will actively face and deal with the problem, rather than evade responsibility.



Have you ever encountered the following situations
He quoted the wrong price, but he was afraid to tell the customer that he would wait until the last resort, which would waste the customer’s time.
The goods are produced and ready to be shipped. However, during the inspection process, it is found that there are problems with the logo, and some manufacturers will look for various reasons to shirk responsibility instead of actively solving these problems.
Responsible sellers can actively solve problems instead of repeatedly shirking their responsibilities and making unnecessary explanations. Responsible suppliers are worthy of long-term partners.


Excellent communication

Sellers with strong communication skills generally have the following characteristics:

a. English email writing is fluent, and spoken is not bad. This is the most basic necessary skill.

b. Take the initiative to put forward suggestions and plans; only let you do multiple-choice or answer judgment questions, which means they try to reduce your workload.

c. Strong understanding, the seller can understand what you mean quickly. If you are not on the same channel, he does not know what you say, and you do not know what he says. In this case, how can you continue to communicate?



An honest seller should be a seller who does not lie and considers the buyer.
Honest sellers should also keep their promises. If you only send samples to one supplier, please ask him to estimate the price and ask the supplier to sign a non-disclosure agreement. If he does not keep his promise and leaks product information to others, such a seller is not an honest seller.

The above are the 8 criteria for choosing a good toy supplier. These standards can help you find the right toy supplier. Have you ever encountered annoying toy suppliers? Welcome to tell your story in the comment area.

When you are going to source education toys wholesales from China, where to buy education toys, how to verify the suppliers, and what issues should be paid attention to? You can refer to this article

8+ business tips when SOURCING SCIENCE TOYS from China suppliers


DIY Windmill

How to make science toys for kids

Whether you are looking for insanely cool science toys for kids in kindergarten/elementary schools or you need a list of go-to science supplies, these DIY STEM educational toys have you covered. 
Next, let us sort out some simple and interesting science toys. involving physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy and geography, and different outdoor subjects, which are very suitable for children in kindergartens and elementary schools(4-8 year olds ).
1. Heart And Lung Experiment 
2. The Sound of Heart
3. Windmill
4. Earth Moon Sun Model
5. Music Box
6. Cosmic Rocket Experiment
7. Salt Water Clock
8. Star Projector
9. Rubber Band Airplane
10. Microscope Experiment

1.Heart and Lung Experiment

People's life is inseparable from breathing. Breathing includes two processes: exhalation and inhalation. The handmade heart and lung model can help children better understand the process of breathing.
The kits include bottles, balloons, rubber bands, double-sided tapes, etc. Under the guidance of teachers or parents, they can make a science model by themsevles.
Heart And Lung Experiment

2.Heart Sounds

In this science activity, kids experiment with a stethoscope.We can find a heart-function stethoscope, and it can provide hours of exploration and fun. A stethoscope is a tool used by both veterinarians and doctors to listen to sounds coming from inside of the body of an animal or person, such as breathing, heart beats and digestion. The stethoscope need to assembled by kids and then they listen their heart sounds,pulse etc. It's an easy elementary science experiments for kids.


Windmill makes very easy and the materials are easy to get around us. Here is a windmill tutorial: How to make a windmill . In this video, we can know how to make a paper pinwheel easy. It’s an amazing DIY science toy and DIY tutorial for kids.

f it is made by little children, we can refer to below windmill material, they are made of plastic and easier to assemble.

DIY Windmill

4.Earth Moon Sun model

Astronomy for kids can be so much fun. Learn about the relationship between the Sun, Moon, and Earth by doing these simple investigations. Learn about how the Earth rotates and model how lunar and solar eclipses occur. 

Here are some other earth moon and sun models for reference.

earth moon sun system

5. Music Box

Create a kid's own music box by placing and pushing pieces together. When painting the music box, each 3D wooden music box stands out with vibrant colors, while playing beautiful music. It's a fun DIY science activity for all of the kids.
DIY music box for kids

6.Cosmic Rocket Experiment

All you need is your Cosmic Rocket kit and some vinegar and baking soda, then prepare yourself for an experiment unlike any other where physics and chemistry combine for a big bang! It’s the perfect way to learn and have heaps of fun at the same time. After all, everyone loves a good lift off.
A working rocket that’s powered by vinegar and baking soda.
Basic Chemistry Kit Cosmic Rocket Experiment

7.Salt Water Clock

The salt water clock does not require a battery at all. As long as the cup on the back of the clock is filled with water, the time and date can be clearly displayed. This clock keeps accurate time using energy from a battery that you make.
Salt Water Clock

8.Star Projector

Star light projector is cool science kit for kids to put the universe back home, to watch star fly around their room to satisfy their curiosity of universal astronomical science. In addition, Kids can discover a variety of constellations and learn about different constellation shapes and knowledge . It is a particularly good astronomy scientific experiment toy.
Star River Light

9.Rubber Band Airplane

Learn about aeronautics and physics with our Rubber Band Aeroplanes(Here is another simple rubber band airplane)! With a twist of the propeller, the attached rubber band twists tight building tension until you are ready for flight, toss the Aeroplane into the air and watch it fly. Planes include easy to follow instructions, and the rubber band is hidden inside the fuselage. Students could try out different activities with the Aeroplane, two rubber bands, landing gear and a display stand. Made of foam. For ages 14 and up.

Rubber band airplane

10.Microscope Experiment

Curiosity accelerates our learning whether you are a young child, student or microscopy hobbyist. There are a number of reasons as to why curiosity among children, in particular, should be encouraged.
By encouraging their curiosity, children will continue to learn especially in those areas of interest, but also develop an interest in a wide variety of fields of study, greatly adding to what they grasp in school.
Microscope for Kids
Earth moon and sun model

5 Best Earth Moon and Sun Models for Students

The Earth, Moon and Sun STEM Education program provides hands-on and enquiry based learning activities to help students understand the day-night cycle, seasons and the phases of the moon.

We put different earth moon and sun kits together to make this list for STEM curriculum. And this article will help teachers find the right kits more easily.

1, Plywood Earth Moon and Sun Model

This is a simple hand-made 3D model. Students can build a earth, moon and sun kit to understand how they run. The kit contains basswood plywood, screws, foam balls, rubber bands, etc. And we can bring our own colored pens to color the model. But it does not enrich the knowledge of the sun and the earth, and needs to cooperate with the teacher’s explanation.

This model is simple and suitable for students to make by themselves and it’s the lowest price and best seller in the market.

earth moon sun system

2,Electric earth moon and sun model

Students will practice fine motor skills to build a Sun-Earth-Moon mobile and use it to describe the relative movement of the three objects,and identify some of the differing characteristics of the Sun, Earth and Moon.

The kit contains basswood plywood, battery box, wires, foam balls, motors, etc. We can follow the instructions to make this model. However, the assembly of this model is a bit complicated and needs to be completed under the guidance of the teacher.

Earth moon and sun model

3,Plastic earth moon and sun kit

It’s a handmade science kit and the kit contains plastic parts, screws, foam balls, rubber band, etc. Usually, we are using it in ​schools, classrooms, and home science, etc. Children can follow the instructions to make this model and illuminate three planets with a flashlight to observe the influence of the moon on the earth.

This model is economical and interesting to operate.

earth moon sun system

4, Sun Earth Moon Orbital Planetarium toy

The earth moon sun planetarium DIY model is made of  plastic material and specially designed for scientific experiments. It’s an intuitive teaching model that can vividly depict the relative movement between the earth, the moon, and the sun. Let Kids understand the earth, the moon, the sun movement rules.

Its wholesale price is similar to item 1. But the retail price is very expensive, so consumers feel that the product is not worth it.

Sun Earth Moon Orbital Planetarium Model

5,Illuminated Sun, Earth & Moon Orbital Model

This three dimensional model represents the earth’s changing position with regard to the sun and the moon. Model features a 5.9″ diameter sun, 4″ diameter earth and a 1″ diameter moon. Both the earth and the moon are situated on metal rods, and can be moved to show relative motion and position.It’s  equipped with a 12V bulb that is located inside of the sun to show the effect that sunlight has on the earth and the moon. Requires two AA batteries.

But the retail price is very high and not affordable for most people.

Illuminated Sun, Earth & Moon Orbital Model

6, Professional earth moon and sun model

This earth moon and sun model allows students to study the motion of the Earth and Moon around the sun and demonstrates the science behind phenomena such as seasons, phases of the moon, eclipses, and tides. It’s a professional model and designed exactly as the knowledge.

The Earth can be manually moved to show its rotation around the Sun. And the Moon can be moved to show its rotation around the Earth. The Sun has a bulb inside which demonstrates the effect that sunlight has on the Earth and Moon.

This model has the same functions as Item 5, and the retail price is about $50. 

Earth moon and sun model
Toys Fair

8+ business tips when SOURCING SCIENCE TOYS from China suppliers

Sourcing science toys tips

Science toys like STEM education and STEM activities is engages students and equips them with critical thinking, problem-solving, creative, and collaborative skills. STEM Kits are not only educational toys,but also being excellent teaching resources. It is widely used in learning centers, home science, etc.

In this article, I will share some import business tips based on our ten-year experience. These tips will definitely make sourcing easy for you. And you’ll be able to go without making any mistakes.


Next we will read the following 

  1. Where to buy science toys wholesales
  2. How to verify supplier?
  3. Ask for their catalog
  4. Check Price – to match the quality
  5. Communicate all the details clearly
  6. How do you choose shipping method for science toys?
  7. Can you buy Copyright items or Not?
  8. Sign the NDA when customizing the toys


1.Where to buy science toys wholesales

1.1 Sourcing from B2B platforms

Alibaba hosts the largest B2B (Alibaba.com), It connects businesses to global manufacturers. Using Alibaba, a buyer can find suppliers to create various bulk educational toys and import them into their country.



We can also choose online sourcing platforms such as Global Sources and Made in China, which can find science toy suppliers in China.

Even if you need to source science toys from India, you can go Indiamart.  It’s a famous B2B platform in India.


1.2.Toys exhibition/fair

Most buyers who are running the import business used to visit the toys fair to find suppliers directly. It is easy to check the science toys showroom at the fair. Because there are few suppliers focusing on STEM business, but we are still easy to find many companies have STEM toys. Moreover, we can also touch the samples to know the quality.

But the exhibition time is only 2 to 3 days, our exhibition time is very short. In addition, the samples at the exhibition are also limited, and not all products can be seen. (Some exhibitions are only open twice a year, and each supplier will get limited samples to display at the booth.)

Toys Fair

Toys Fair

1.3 Local wholesale market

Yiwu market contains nearly 40,000 shops, it’s the biggest wholesale market in China, wholesaling almost all of the toys you can think of. Although there are few professional manufacturers of STEM toys, but we can still find many kinds of toys we need.


1.4 Google keywords searching

Searching the keywords like education toys manufacturer, STEM toys factory, science toys wholesales, etc, we will find many treasures here. Although there are many suppliers on B2B platform, homogeneous products are serious and the supplier’s levels are uneven. The manufacturers who have their own websites will have clear businesses goals, they are more professional and reliable. We can pay more attention to them.


2.How to verify supplier?

The supplier can be required to provide a business license.If your supplier is in China, ask the supplier for the registration documents of the company/factory (documents of the company from China will be in Chinese) Below is a picture for reference.

business license

business license


3.Ask for their catalog

Using the above methods, we can find various kinds of science toys, but many products have serious homogeneity and uneven quality. We can ask suppliers to provide catalog. Not only can we find many unique STEM toys, but we can also analyze the level of suppliers. Science toys catalog makes it easier for us to find suitable products, such as cool science toys, girls science toys, science lab toys, science toys for teenagers etc.

STEM toys Catalog

STEM toys catalog


4.Check Price – to match the quality

As a buyer, we may have thousands of ways to negotiate the price with the supplier; but the best price is not the lowest price; it’s the reasonable price.China’s production industry has a long history and professional system, so most products come with quite a competitive cost.

Every toy has over ten production units. They look the same but actually not. So, there would also be not much difference in their wholesale prices.

1.1 If the supplier gives a higher quote to you, they may lose business. So you just need to find a suitable price to match the quality you want.

1.2 When you enter the educational toy business, you should have done much research for the corresponding industry. You must know the market and cost very well. If any supplier offers you a much lower quote than the market price, you need to be careful.


5.Confirm all the details clearly

When sourcing in China, India or other countries, one must keep in mind we may have to face language and ambiguity of understanding. Many of the problems between suppliers and purchasers can be traced back due to miscommunication or ignore confirmation of all details .

To avoid misunderstanding, all your product specifications, from the Quality requirement, Color requirement, packaging and labelling requirement to delivery time, should be in writing ,and then ask for the quotation.

product details

product details


6.How do you choose shipping method for science toys?

After confirming the product style and quantity, we can ask the supplier to calculate the freight cost. So what kind of shipping method is suitable for science toys? It is determined by delivery time and cost.


Air freight is the fastest, and there are three ways.
1.1 Express delivery. like DHL, FedEX, UPSetc. It can be delivered anywhere in only 3-7 days, but the delivery cost is expensive. So  it’s suitable for delivery samples, urgent&important products and high value products.

1.2 Air. It’s let the forwarder book the space from the airline, when the cargo arrived the destination airport,the buyers need to do customs clearance and arranging local transportation themeselves. Air is suitable for urgent and large-volume goods, the price is cheaper than express delivery, but the delivery time is a bit longer.

1.3 Air+Local UPS delivery(FBA service). FBA is a shipping method following Amazon,where there is a Amazon, there will be FBA service. At first, the forwarders delivery the goods to the destination airport, and then they cleared the customs by himselves. After the customs clearance is completed, it is responsible for delivering the goods to the Amazon warehouse.

As it develops,then it can be delivered to a private address. Through this method, forwarders will arrange customs clearance, and the buyer does not need to prepare any documents and does not need to pay any duties. The price is relatively cheap, and the delivery time is about 10-18 days. This method is suitable for small and medium volume shipment. What’s more, it’s didn’t request any certifications for buyer, forwarders will do it by themselves.

Air FBA Service

Air FBA Service

Sea is the most economical shipping method

2.1 Sea+Local UPS delivery(FBA service). FBA also has ocean shipping services, but the first voyage is ocean shipping. The delivery time is about 30-50 days, and different ship owners have different delivery times. Generally suitable for small and medium volume of shipment, If the shipment weight is below 1500kg, it’s the best choice. it’s didn’t request any certifications or duties for buyer, forwarders will do it by themselves.But the peak season is prone to delays, the general delay rate is about 30% and the delay about 1-3 weeks.

2.2 traditional sea. If the shipment is more than 1000kg, traditional sea transportation may have more advantages. The greater the weight, the lower the average cost. But we need to prepare customs clearance documents, customs duties, certificates and local delivery.


Transport Notes

1,Electricity, magnetism, motors, solar panels, powders, and liquids are all sensitive goods and lots of science kits will have them. Shipping costs are higher than ordinary toys. Air freight is suitable for delivering samples and bulk cargo by sea. Professional science toys suppliers generally give reasonable advice about it.

2.Science toys generally require different certifications and they are volume weight. Small and medium volume shipment are very suitable by sea+ local delivery.


7.Can you buy Copyright items or Not?

We know that if the toys comes from a reputable brand, it will be much easier to sell it and get a higher profit. So don’t forget to ask the science toys supplier, “do you have a copyrighted science toys?” they may send you some photo with copyright design and say, “we can produce it, but we do not have a license?”

Now the question is, should you buy such a product?

The answer is, “NO.”the buyer has to get the original company authorization to sell those products as well. If they don’t get the company authorization, they have to face their country’s customs while importing the goods.


8.Sign the NDA when customizing the toys

Why are they selling the products we developed?
Why are there so many homogenized products on the market?
The above things happen every day. Because a lot of buyers ignore the importance of confidentiality agreements. If we want to create a new science toys, science activities, or STEM projects, we must sign a the NDA(Non-disclosure agreement)with the supplier. If the new product is very good and no confidentiality agreement is signed, the supplier is likely to recommend its product to other buyers to obtain greater profits.We will lose the ownership of this unique science toys.





subscription box

How to find kid’s subscription box manufacturers?


What is a subscription box for kids?

The subscription box for kids is created as various specific needs&interests of the kid’s audience, it’s usually being a series of box kits and sent to the users at a frequency of weeks or months. a kid subscription box is also called the kid craft monthly box, kid craft monthly box, monthly activity box, etc.

In addition to the actual goods, children can also get an extra sense of expectation and value.

Surprise. the boxes are sent regularly but the children didn’t know what mysterious gift was in the box. Surprises will stimulate children’s anticipation and excitement.

Discover. Compared with common toys, the scope of subscription boxes is very wide, and many kits are rarely seen by children. it can inspire children’s enthusiasm for exploration.


How are the subscription box for kids look like?

Kiwico Box
Kiwico Box

KiwiCo is a STEM subscription box for kids. Inspire young innovators with monthly hands-on educational projects. The flexibility of KiwiCo’s subscription box offerings means you can find great activities for all ages, their materials are quite good. It’s one of the most popular companies in the world.

Mel Science
Mel Science

MEL Science subscription box sends one science project per month, with an AR lesson to go along with it, accessible through the coordinating app. This fun subscription gives kids all the materials they need to build a simple project, and the opportunity to learn through play. Their materials are quite good and same level as KiwiCo.

little passports
little passports

Little Passports’ box is more diversified, it uses play to help children explore far-off nations, make rockets, or extract DNA, etc. These exploratory activities are a great option for kids who has an explorer’s heart, so we can investigate alongside kids. The box will have activities, recipes, puzzles, souvenirs, STEM experiments, etc.


Where to find kid’s subscription box manufacturers?

Due to the many materials involved in children’s subscription boxes, few suppliers can provide all raw materials. If the manufacturer does not have good raw material suppliers or no experience in DIY craft experience, it is difficult to develop the kids’ subscription box.

We can introduce some places to find the manufacturers.

  • B2B Platforms. like Alibaba, Global Sources, India Mart, etc.
  • Exhibition(examples in China). Toy exhibition like Canton Fair, HK Toys Fair.
  • Toys Market.
  • #1 Yiwu Toys Wholesale Market
    #2 Shantou China Toys Market
    #3 Nansantiao Jinzheng Toys Market
    #4 Yangjiang Wutinglong international Toys & Gift City
    #5 Baigou Plush Toys wholesale market
    #6 Yunhe Wooden Toys market
    #7 Zhengzhou Toys wholesale market
    #8 Guangzhou Toys Wholesale market

There are many showrooms in the market. We could find suitable manufacturers there.

  • Google keywords searching.  Searching the keywords like subscription box manufacturer, monthly box factory, activity box manufacturer, etc, we will find many treasures here. Although there are many suppliers on B2B platform, homogeneous products are serious and the supplier’s levels are uneven. The manufacturers who have their own websites will have clear businesses goals, they are more professional and reliable. We can pay more attention to them.


What kind of manufacturers is suitable for a subscription box?

We can find some potential suppliers easily, but not all suppliers can do a good job. Why?

It is determined by the complexity of materials for the kid’s subscription boxes. Many materials are easily purchased from the market, but most of the time, they are not suitable and need to be tested and adjust repeatedly.

An excellent manufacturer can not only get all materials but also find problems and provide solutions and suggestions in the proofing process. they are able to develop the box with the buyer together.

STEM kit materials
STEM kit materials

The following points will help us to choose professional kids subscription box manufacturers

1. Main products: If the supplier’s main product is very clear, and it is easy for customers to know what business they are doing. then we can know that they have a clear positioning of their business, and they should be very professional in this product. Because they are deeply running in this industry and understand the market and customer needs very well.

2. Customization cases: Let the supplier provide some similar subscription box cases and make an

introduction. We can also request videos or pictures, etc, or ask about the content of their case,  it’s a good

way to help us understand the market situation too.

3. Professional Questions: We ask some customization questions, such as what problems often occur in kids’ subscription box customization and how to solve them. Can the production process meet our customized needs, if not, is there a good solution? Through some communication, we can roughly judge whether they are professional and reliable.

4. Verify supplier identity: The supplier can be required to provide a business license.If your supplier is in China. Ask the supplier for the registration documents of the company/factory (documents of the company from China will be in Chinese) Below is a picture for reference.

business license
business license

5. Request Samples: In addition to the selected samples that we need, we should also get more different samples. For example, different packaging boxes and manuals (see what processes they can do and how the quality is), different products (check what processes can be do), and view the entire set of products (details of products). The samples are very helpful for us to know suppliers, we could get more information than we thought.

activity box sample
activity box sample


Some suggestions on customizing subscription box/Monthly box

1, Quality, Price, Timeliness & Service: In cooperation with suppliers, we must pay attention to four aspects: quality first, price second, timeliness, and service last.

Quality always comes first. In addition to the value of the product itself, consumers will get additional value. If the quality fails to meet expectations, the kids wait for a month to receive a box with poor quality, which can easily turn from expectation to disappointment. It has had a great impact on our brand.


2. Cost Reduction or Outsourcing:  Outsourcing is more important than a low price. We can test and purchase all accessories and materials by ourselves, and then send them to the manufacturer to achieve the purpose of cost reduction and quality control. This not only increases our procurement time cost but also transfers all the risks to ourselves. If any material has a problem, we must communicate with each raw material supplier to solve the risk. It is better to give all the raw materials to the manufacturer so that they can help them choose

the raw materials, and all the problems will be handed over to them to solve. It can not only provide procurement efficiency but also make it easier to do quality control.


3. Focus samples: Because the kid’s subscription box needs many accessories or kits, many details need to be modified repeatedly. When proofing, we must clearly put forward our needs, in this way, the manufacturer could be closer to our ideal demand when proofing.


If the customized sample does not meet expectations, never rush to change manufacturers.

First, collect the problems in the samples.

Second, find the cause of the problem.

Third, let the manufacturer provide solutions or suggestions.

Then do the second proofing.  

This is a necessary step in proofing.


4, Focus on the design of packaging, description, and content creation

When we finish market research, product analysis, and audience analysis. How to do project design when preparing to develop products? We can use Fiverr, Upwork to find content creators.



line tracing robot

How does a line tracking robot work?

Line tracking car

Working principle of line tracking car

Car tracking system based on 51 single chip microcomputer.

The system uses two groups of highly sensitive photocells to detect the black track of the road surface, and uses the single chip microcomputer to generate PWM wave to control the speed of the car. The test results show that the system can track the given path smoothly.


In the previous national student electronic design competitions, the simple intelligent car integrating light, machine and electricity has appeared many times. After demonstration, comparison and experiment, we have made the tracking circuit system of the simple car. The whole system is based on the mechanical structure of the ordinary toy car, and uses the car chassis, front and rear wheel motors and their automatic recovery device to track the black track of the road smoothly.

line tracing robot

line tracing robot


Overall scheme

The whole circuit system is divided into three modules: detection, control and drive. Firstly, the photoelectric tube is used to detect the road signal. After being processed by the comparator, it is sent to the software control module for real-time control, and the corresponding signal is output to the drive chip to drive the motor to rotate, so as to control the movement of the whole car


Sensing detection units

The smart car runs on the white paper “road” with black lines. Because the reflection coefficients of the black line and white paper are different, the “road” – black line can be judged according to the strength of the received reflected light. In this module, we can use a simple and widely used detection method – infrared detection method.

  • infrared detection method

infrared detection method, that is, using the characteristics of infrared with different reflection properties on physical surfaces of different colors. Infrared light is continuously emitted to the ground during the driving of the trolley. When the red light meets the white ground, diffuse emission occurs, and the reflected light is received by the receiving tube installed on the trolley; If the black line is encountered, the infrared light is absorbed, and the receiving tube on the trolley cannot receive the signal.

  • sensor selection

There are many devices used for infrared detection in the market. The self-made probe can be made by using the simple external circuit of the reflective sensor, or the integrated infrared probe with simple structure and reliable working performance can be used.

ST series integrated infrared probe is cheap, small, easy to use, reliable and widely used. Therefore, st168 reflection sensor is finally selected as the infrared light transmitting and receiving device in the system, and its internal structure and external circuit are relatively simple.

st168 detection circuit diagram

st168 detection circuit diagram


Applications in our daily life

  • Industrial Applications: These robots can be used as automated equipment carriers in industries replacing traditional conveyer belts.
  • Automobile applications: These robots can also be used as automatic cars running on roads with embedded magnets.
  • Domestic applications: It can also be used at homes like floor cleaning etc.
  • Guidance applications: It be used in public like shopping malls, bank, hotel etc to provide path guidance.


What’s accessories do i need for a line tracking robot?

Above are the accessories that for a line tracking robot. It’s a basic robot for starters.

What can line tracking robot kit used for?

1. It can be used in schools ,learning centers, educational institutions to cooperate with teachers’ STEM courses.

2. As home science educational toys that being an interactive toys between parents and children.

3. Making into an monthly activity boxes or subscription boxes for kids 

4. Science tools for kids

5. Robotics for schools

Where to buy the line tracking robot kit

You could get the line tracking robot kit on local Amazon shop and you may get it quickly.

If you are need sourcing line tracking robot wholesale. You could check this line tracking robot.




How to do a good STEM toy structure design?

For STEM toy producers and designers, it is not difficult to create trendy toy appearances, but to further improve the structural design of STEM toys, they often face considerable pressure. Moreover, most STEM toy design companies now follow the traditional STEM toy structure design model is difficult to break through the rules. It neither meets the actual development of STEM toys by the manufacturers, but also lacks consideration of the development cost of the manufacturer, and fails to meet the expectations of the manufacturer.

In fact, in order to improve the structural design of STEM toys, thereby reducing development costs and reducing post-production pressure, the key is to find STEM manufacturers who understand the production process of STEM toys and provide design suggestions for cooperation.

The so-called “right” STEM toy design company will generally help manufacturers to better carry out toy structure design from a professional perspective, and obtain a greater market competitive advantage than their counterparts:

Reduce costs and improve economic efficiency
The processing profit of STEM toy production itself is very low, but if the structure design of STEM toy is reasonable, it can also improve a lot of economic benefits. Generally, professional STEM design companies will communicate with STEM manufacturers on the production process, and further reduce the cost of new product development on the basis of ensuring a reasonable structural design.

An excellent STEM design company generally achieves a reasonable structural design through the following 4 ways to improve the economic benefits of the production enterprise:

(1) Design different matching structures and accessories according to the best life of STEM toys

According to the age of the object of use, different use occasions, and different values, the service life of STEM toys is also different. According to different lifespans, STEM design companies often adopt different forms of cooperation flexibly according to the types of new products of the manufacturer when helping manufacturers to design the toy structure;

(2) Use the least materials

Professional STEM design often adopts different cross-sectional forms while designing the structural form of parts while ensuring that the same strength requirements are met, so that manufacturers can greatly save the amount of material used;

(3) Adopt standard parts and common parts

In the structural design of STEM toys, whether it is a movement component or a shape component, professional design usually pays attention to the influence of standardization factors, and in the design process, countless parts of different sizes in the traditional structural design are turned into a small number of general-purpose parts. , Which greatly simplifies the design process and reduces the production cost of STEM toys;

(4) Integrated design

In addition to the above, usually, in the design of toy structure, professional design will also pay attention to the problem of optimal integrated design, and combine several related parts into a whole component through reasonable structural design, which greatly reduces the number of parts. The interface with each part also reduces the assembly process.

2.  Streamline product assembly process

The rationality of the STEM toy structure design of the design company will directly determine the assembly pressure of the manufacturer in the later production process.

Professional design will maintain communication with the manufacturer when designing the structure of STEM toys and adopt a simpler and faster assembly design scheme:

(1) Simplify the assembly structure

Professional designer will generally consider the later production problems of STEM manufacturers in the process of product structure design, and use structural design schemes that are easy to identify and reduce the need for identification in the entire process, so as to reduce the workload of assembly workers and increase The production efficiency of the production enterprise;

(2) Reduce the number of toy accessories

Screw assembly is now the main form of toy assembly, and STEM design structural designers generally reduce the number of toy accessories such as screws, or control costs, and use high-quality and lower-priced toy accessories on the basis of maintaining a reasonable structural design. Design.

3. Familiar with mold technology, easy to mold manufacturing

No matter what kind of toy development project it is, it is ultimately geared towards the process of mass production of molds. Find a suitable STEM manufacturer and be familiar with the production process of various molds, such as the minimum limit size of each shape of blanking, punching, and stretching of metal molds; demolding slope, shrinkage deformation, slider setting of plastic molds, etc. Requirements, and integrate these requirements into the rational design of STEM toy structure, to maximize the simplification of the mold structure, reduce the mold opening process, and increase the productivity, thereby reducing the production cost of toy production.

In addition to the above methods, in terms of improving toy structure design, every designer in STEM design should have his own unique design skills, can communicate with manufacturers in time, and make flexible changes according to different requirements to help manufacturers achieve development ideas. Create truly high-quality toy products.

Science kit Instructions

What‘s the suitable science kits for schools

Science kits for schools

When we choose the science kits for schools, how should we evaluate the kits if suitable for students? In this article we will find the answers.


Science promotes the rapid development of society


Everything is developing too fast in the 21st century. As we know, the era of 5G has come, which has led to the rapid development of the IOA . Meanwhile, the upgrade of computer hardware and the revolution of algorithms have promoted the rapid development of artificial intelligence. For another example, Musk proposed the Mars Migration Plan,and at the end of the 21st century, there is a high probability that humans will migrate to Mars.All future developments are closely related to science.


As a teacher, school or educational institution, cultivating students’ diversified growth is also one of the goals of education. Obviously, we are all know physics , chemistry, biology,coding etc  have all made great contributions to human development as basic sciences. Every educator should have the responsibility to help understand all kinds of science, and children will have more plans to choose their own development direction in the future.

STEM education

STEM education


What kind of science kits are most suitable for schools?


As educational tools, science kits can help students better understand the meaning of science. And it could cultivate their interest and understanding of exploration too. As a senior science related person, I would like to share my opinions.

1, Science kits should keep pace with the times

In addition to the basic nature of education, science kits should also be contemporary. In this way, children can also realize what the present world is like and what the future world will be like.For example, the current programming courses are very popular, and the ultimate energy of the future is hydrogen energy, which are both good educational topics.

2. Toys or Kits?

Now the development of science and education products is in two directions, one is toy, the other is kit. Which one should we choose? Of course, it’s the kits.


Science Toys: When designing these products, developers are trying to increase the interest of the products as much as possible to help them sell toys, so they reduce the difficulty of the products, and enhance children’s interest through packaging, colors etc. For kids, they are more suitable as family toys. But for the students in the school, their education will be worse.


Science Kits:These kits are aimed at students’ education. The packaging and color matching are common, and the product difficulty is different from toys. When students are doing these experiments, they will encounter various problems that need to be solved by themselves. But after completing the entire kits, they will get a high sense of accomplishment. Not only learned relevant knowledge, but also constantly cultivated their ability to solve problems. This is not available in general toys.

DIY science toys

DIY science kits

3. Packaging: Simple or Complex?

What kind of packaging is more suitable for schools? Of course, simple packaging is more suitable for schools. It doesn’t need too many attractive designs and colors like toys. Let students’ attention shift from packaging to content.The cost will also be lower too.


4. Price

Due to the characteristics of science experiments, many kits are disposable experiments. So the kits do not need to be too delicate, on the basis of normal quality, can assist to complete the teaching is the best choice. If the focus is shifted from product quality to cost performance, the cost of procurement will be very low. Of course, it does not mean that quality is not important, quality should also meet the teaching requirements.

science kits

science kits


5. Instructions & Kits


Science Kit is just a tool for education. Educators need to choose teaching tools reasonably according to their own teaching situation. Proper kits and instructions are very important, but most of the instructions are just a simple introductions that show assembly steps or simple principles. It’s not as detailed as the course.


Because the education of every teacher and school is different, if you customize the science suite according to your own teaching content, it is the best choice to meet the teaching needs. So finding a powerful supplier or science kits supply chain will be very important.

Science kit Instructions

Science kit Instructions


6.Local Purchase or Oversea Purchase?


Whatever it’s local purchase or oversea purchase, the right one is the best.If you do the oversea purchase, you need to pay attention to the following points in delivery process.


a. Sensitive shipment : Such as liquids, powder, motors, magnets, electricity, etc.

  • Countries:If the purchased science kits contain liquid or powder, they can only be to Europe, America, Russia, and Southeast Asian countries from China. Other countries need discuss with the suppliers, that’s because of customs and logistics reasons.
  • Delivery cost: You could find another article about the shipping cost in our website.


b. Purchase Time Schedule:

  • Production time:If the goods need to be customize, it’s about 10-30 days.
  • Delivery Time Frame(Sea or Air):  It’s about 10-45 days.
Monthly Science Kits for Kids , Seed Growth

Seed Growth Experiment – STEM Toys for 7 year olds

Could we find some magic STEM Toys for 7 year olds ?

The seed growth experiment is quite good.

 Seed Growth Experiment - STEM Toys for 7 year olds

What does seed baby like? Seven seed experiments satisfy children’s desire to explore.

Who says seeds need sunshine, water, air and suitable temperature to grow? The children have their own ideas about the growth of seeds. Some think that the seeds like to drink milk, and some think that the seeds can understand their speech and grow up by whispering to them.

Are these ridiculous? Not at all. Because no one is born to know it.

Today, let’s see how foreign teachers make children learn about seeds? Through 7 experiments, let the children explore, research and summarize by themselves.

Experiment 1: do seeds need light to grow?

The children prepared two identical containers, the same soil and water, put in the same seeds, and made labels, light and dark

Dark seed is put in a carton to avoid light except for watering during the period. Place light seed in a place where you can normally get in touch with the sun.

A few days later, the seeds that saw the sunlight had germinated and were healthy and strong. But only two seeds that did not see the light germinated, both thin and small, and one of them had withered.

Experiment 2: what kind of temperature does the seed like to grow?

The children used the same cups, placed the same soil, water and seeds, and made two labels, one is “low temperature” and the other is “room temperature”.

They put the “low temperature” cup into the fresh-keeping layer of the refrigerator, about 5 ~ 7 ℃.

After a few days, the seeds at room temperature had germinated, while the seeds at low temperature had no improvement at all.

Experiment 3: do seeds need air to grow?

Because the vacuum environment is not easy to create, so we can put the seeds into cold boiled water, so as to create an environment without air. The other has normal soil and water.

After a few days, the seeds in the water have been soaked, while the seeds in the soil grow well.

Experiment 4: is seed coat necessary for seed germination?

Put wet tissue on two trays, and then put three different seeds on each tray. The left one is the complete seed, and the right one is to remove the seed coat or break the seed in half. Keep the tissue moist during the period. After a few days, one side of the whole seed germinated, while the one on the right did not grow, and some even rotted.

Experiment 5: what liquid can help seeds grow?

Plants need water to grow, but what kind of water can make them grow better? I met a child who likes to drink milk before. She thought that the seed also likes to drink milk, so she poured several boxes of milk into the flowerpot. A few days later, the flower died smoothly Children always have a variety of conjectures. The following experiment only provides ideas. Teachers can change the liquid according to the conjectures of children in their class.

We prepared ordinary water, salt water, sugar water and vinegar water. The same seeds and soil were put in.

After a few days, healthy seedlings have grown in the cup of ordinary water; there is no growth in the cup of salt water; there is a small seedling in the cup of sugar water; there is no growth in the cup of vinegar water.

Experiment 6: different seeds, who grows fast?

There are many kinds of seeds. Please collect the seeds and have a growth competition! Whose seed germinates first, whose seed grows fast~

The same seed can be put a few more, in order to avoid bad seeds, leading to the failure of the experiment. You can label each seed with its name next to it.

The children are usually in high spirits, watching every day to see if their little players have sprouted. (Note: keep the tissue moist during the experiment)

Experiment 7: do the seeds look the same?

What seeds have you seen? Do they look the same? Please collect the seeds, and then pick up the magnifying glass to observe carefully~