Our Mission

STARIVER is one of the leading educational furniture and toys suppliers in the field of production of kindergarten products in China, it`s presented on the market under the trade mark “STARIVER” for export . Wang Hui Teng Co,. Ltd is also belong to STARIVER that established in 2020, it’s focus on China mainland business and developed educational toys (from 2020) and kindergarten furniture (from 2022). Our company produces toys in a wide variety of hands-on explore series categories: from wooden STEM toys, science experiments, arts&crafts, and Montessori materials for kids from 0 to 16 years.

We invested in a kindergarten furniture factory and began overseas furniture business, and supply high-grade and durable kindergarten furniture to our clients. 

It`s important for our company to provide our clients with the best and the widest range of 0-16 years supplies. Our team employs only professionals. This team of like-minded people is the main value of our company and it is through this that we grow and develop. We use high-tech equipment and we are mastering new production technologies to keep up with the times and maintain the constant interest of the consumer. We always keep the quality standards and aspire to become the leader in the field of production of kid’s educational toys and furniture. “STARIVER” has recommended itself not only in China but also abroad.

Our mission is inspiring children to explore the world with global thinking. We work to make safe, easy to understand and at the same time interesting and developing tools for children. Our products have already received approval from many famous companies around the world. We offer products that you can trust.

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2016 – STARIVER was founded and exported our first shipment to start overseas business

2016-Cooperated with a Chinese trading company to produce a batch of products for Nestlé and export to Peru

2017-Join multiple B2B platforms and start to promote overseas business

2018-the catalog of production of A-4 format, there were almost 1000 products

2018-Cooperate with the famous Korean company COSCOI to customize a batch of toys

2019- Formulate 10 years development strategy, start to streamline our product line, and focus on OEM/ODM 0-16 year kids’ educational supplies.

2019-STARIVER is changed to a technology company to support product development

2020-Establish business relations with 1,000 overseas partners and complete our first goal

2020-Get in touch with lots of famous global companies such as Mel Science, KOSMOS, Thames&Kosmos, etc.

2021-Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, and other social platforms start to operate. Create the first educational toys, and received unanimous praise from customers

2021-STARIVER invested in a 10-year kindergarten furniture manufacturer to increase kindergarten furniture supply capacity and become a Montessori&STEM Manufacturer. Annual sales increase by 180%.

2022- Our Montessori furniture department was established.Completed our first Motessori furniture and toys business with a Middle Eastern client.

2022-Expanded hands-on chemistry kits and doodle arts&crafts for K-12.


Company Today

Today, our toys bring joy to children in Canada, USA, Georgia, Australia, Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria, Belarus, Moldova, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Germany, Russia, Korea, Japan and other countries. Our diverse range of education toys satisfies all children’s desires. Especially popular among parents and children are the wooden toys, physics toys, chemistry toys, solar toys and arts&crafts for kids and Montessori furniture for kindergarten etc.

Our company uses flexible customization methods and the most modern technical solutions. Аll the toys could pass the US, Canada the Eurasian Customs Union, and the European Union certificate request. Lots of our products already have ASTM, CE, CCC certificates.

The company operates all phases of the toys manufacturing process, starting with the development of the idea, its design, and production then finishing with the delivery of the product to the buyer. This shows that we are a reliable and worthy partner.

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Core Business

STARIVER supplies and customizes all kinds of educational toys, activity boxes for global buyers. They are located in Hebei China, behind them there are over 100+ top material suppliers, that provide a reliable guarantee for production.
For educational toy Design&BrandThey provide free customized consulting services, OEM, and ODM customization for science toys / DIY activity box. They can also be customized according to pictures or samples. one-stop follow-up process including order follow-up, payment, Quality control & shipment.
For educational toy Wholesaler/ retailer shop owners, they provide various STEM supply services. One-stop procurement services with a wide range of products and low prices. Great materials will help produce better products. They can solve the purchasing problems of variety, quality, price, and shipping for us.
For Schools and Learning Centers, they provide rich STEAM curriculum resources. All STEM Kits have English instructions and even back of science. We can choose appropriate resources for our curriculum. Teaching resources are rich and convenient.

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