A Factory and Wholesaler of STEM Toy for Kids

STARIVER is a professional STEM toy manufacturer (science, technology, engineering, math) in China. We cooperate with many educational institutions, schools and toy companies.From now on, STARIVER has supplied and customized over than 1000 different STEM toys and achieved great success.

In 2016, STARIVER decided to start the overseas business. So we established a production oriented technology company with a registered capital of $500.000. After several years of development, we already have a mature customization system and perfect science toy supporting resources.

STEM toys include physical kit, chemical kit, space&earth kit, biology kit,science materials, nature kit, programming, etc. They are suitable for children aged 4 to 16 years or 16+ years. it’s also a product that STARIVER is committed to developing.

science toy factory
Science toys

The customization of science toy is the main business of STARIVER. The main market is Europe, America, Oceania, Asia etc, comes from more than 40 different countries.

In addition, STARIVER insists on investing in R & D and combining with the latest technology,to develop many new products every year.

We firmly believe that only by providing integrated one-stop service, can we save costs and ensure the quality of every steps. as well as provide good quality science toy for kids,good price and best service. Now,the one-stop service not only attracts toy companies, but also schools, educational institutions and education companies.

As a manufacturer, we respect the intellectual property rights of partners. All new developed products will sign Non-disclosure agreement.

Custom Service

STARIVER can provide the following custom services:

  • Science project kits
  • Science toy as your design files
  • Logo on the science toy
  • Package
  • Instruction
  • Develop new science toys

STARIVER offers all toys in bulk packs. Our low, wholesale pricing means you will pay a fraction of the cost you would pay at a big retailer. Pass this saving on by providing MORE SCIENCE TOYS for children in your community.